About us

We opened Prince of Peckham in May 2017. Clement Ogbonnaya, our owner, grew up in Peckham and wanted to create a community venue in his hometown, where everyone is welcome, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Prince of Peckham is a reflection of the solution to gentrification. A space where old and new residents can co-exist, share ideals, work, celebrate and thrive together.

We are a pub for South London, by South London.

The idea behind Prince of Peckham came about from Clement’s love of the 90’s TV show Desmond’s. Desmond’s was a neighbourhood barbershop in Peckham, where people from all walks of life were able to rock up, pull up a pew and chill. Whether they were there to get their hair cut or not, everyone was welcome. It was a sort of ‘home from home’. One of the characters, Lee ‘The Peckham Prince’ Stanley was Clement’s favourite. A straight cockney lad able to switch to Jamaican patois in a second. That’s where the name Prince of Peckham came from.

We value excellent hospitality, proficient product knowledge, personal and professional growth, and community centred thinking and our goal is to continue to represent every layer of the community.

We are a dog friendly bar, so your pup is very welcome until 8pm. Guide dogs are welcome at all times. Under 18’s are allowed in Prince of Peckham until 8:30pm Monday-Sunday, if accompanied by an adult.

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Groups & Private Parties

We welcome bookings in advance, whether it’s for a table for you and your rabble, a birthday party or any other group booking. Private parties are also incredibly well catered for at Prince of Peckham.

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We’d really like to know about your experience at our venue, so please do get in touch. Email clement@princeofpeckham.co.uk with any feedback you may have.


We are always looking for exciting, talented and interesting people to join us at all levels.

Send your CV to hello@princeofpeckham.co.uk